Tuesday 30 June 2015

Something new

We spent the last few hours of sunlight down by the cliffs.

The car park was fuller than usual, as tourists and locals swarmed in to get a look at the migrating humpback whales who were jumping and playing in the ocean.

We had no idea it was whale watching season and although we regretted not having our handy binoculars, we walked on and kept our squinted gaze locked on to the horizon.

Adventures like this don't come by very often for us anymore. I am very busy with work and so is Stephen. We use our time off to see friends or run errands. This day though I was adamant we take some time for ourselves.

The rocks were uneven and rugged. Their textures dug into our feet, imprinting themselves onto the soles of our shoes. The sun was low and bright, illuminating our path. We sat by the cliffs edge but not too close. Having someone you love walk scarily close to imminent death is not something either of us are fond of.

We looked for a spot where we could be alone and about five minutes later we found a secluded cave just below the cliff face. We climbed down and sat ourselves upon the cold rock and looked out to sea. Conversations about our future occurred, as they always do, and we nibbled on chocolate bars as we dreamed together.

Then we saw them. Spurts of water erupting from the ocean ahead. A black fin waving at onlookers. They were too far for the camera to capture but just know they were beautiful. I have never seen a whale in the wild before, neither of us have. They are such majestic beasts and even now I cannot comprehend their existence. They make me feel so small.

Stephen brought his new camera to capture our time together. This was the first time really I didn't have to worry about the photos from our day. It was a strange feeling seeing him run around and take photos, asking me to stand here and there and making me laugh so he could capture that frozen expression. It was nice and it forced me to actually look at the scene before me with my eyes rather than with my lens.

It was something new, something I could get used to.

All photos taken with the Fuji X-T1. Photos taken by Stephen; except the ones of him...I took those :)


  1. I absolutely love these photos and going on adventures, even though I don't do much of that. You know, I kinda wish I had someone asking me to laugh so they can capture that natural expression. Whales sound absolutely breathtaking.

    The Life of Little Me

  2. So beautiful!!! and I agree seeing whales in nature has been one of the best experiences of my lives. I definitely got a little (or a lot!) choked up :)

  3. Oh, Sam...I am so deeply touched by this post. By your words. I can empathise with your 'currently' - the boy has been so busy lately, with work placements, and meetings for a couple of groups he belongs to, and then (actual) work, that our time together has been brief. But today he is taking the afternoon off because it is very warm here (for the UK!) and we're going to head across to Wollaton Hall and soak up the sunshine. I'm so pleased the two of you got to get out and experience something so magical together. Whales!! Oh my!! I remember the feelings I had when I saw dolphins in the wild for the first (and only, thus far) time back in Scotland in 2013 - so glorious! As ever, the day was captured perfectly, and the shot of the clouds reflected in the water made my heart skip a beat. Many beats. Extraordinary xxx

  4. Whales! No way, oh gosh, I refuse to die until I see a wild whale. These photos turned out so gorgeous, too; lovin' those baby flares. ♥


  5. These photos are stunning. And seeing Whales must have been incredible!

    Kim | The Lens Affair

  6. Moments like these are the most priceless. It was so lovely to be able to read about such a special day :)
    And Stephen's new camera is of equally fantastic too!

  7. You both have such an incredible eye for capturing a moment. I'm glad you both found time to spent such a lovely moment together, amongst the craziness. ♥

    Erin | Being Erin

  8. there is so much life and adventure and heart in these stills. you are such an inspiration. xx


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