Monday 15 June 2015

Weekend Escape

I just got back from a weekend holiday.

Where you might ask?

Rarotonga, Cook Islands.
I was literally in Rarotonga for 42 hours. Not even 2 days.

I hopped on a plane from Sydney, had a 9 hour stop over in Auckland, touched down in Raro, and then 42 hours later flew back home.

Sounds silly I know. But it was a work holiday. My first.

I was flown over to photograph Nat & Manuel's wedding, an amazing couple from Sydney who were so excited to have me there to celebrate their special day with them. It feels surreal. I mean literally 2 days ago I was shooting a wedding on a tropical island and now I'm sitting in my room typing this post to you. Strange.

Rarotonga is seriously out of a dream. I didn't have much free time. I really only had the morning of the wedding when I went for a walk down the beach. My walk started early, the apparent jet lag or the crowing roosters got me up at sunrise and with a mere five steps my toes sunk into the white sands of the shore. There was no one around. The wind was still and the only sound that could be heard was the soft purrs of the ocean. The reef glimmered blue, inviting me into its depths. I placed my feet into the water. I love the thrill of feeling the ocean in another country. I sometimes wonder if maybe those drops my feet touched may end up back to Australia somehow. The ocean travels so fast, constantly moving, I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

It was warm that morning. It soothed me. The white rocks on the shore hurt my feet when I walked upon them so I waddled down the beach through the water instead, throwing the stones that got in my way back into the reef.

Not long after, the skies awakened and bright blues erupted into my eyes. The ocean danced about and my feet danced alongside it. I sat by the waters edge and took it all in. I could see locals fishing up ahead and I could hear scooters riding up and down the one road that circles the island. It was a dream. I can't describe it as anything else.

I feel very lucky to have had this experience. It reminded me so much of my father's home in Goa. Nostalgia. There was a sense of community there, a local culture like no other (and a lack of internet which is always refreshing!).

I will return to Raro one day, I know it.

A home away from home.


  1. Sounds and looks so super amazing - it's definitely a dream of mine to shoot a destination wedding!! Can't wait to see the photos, I'm sure they'll be absolutely stunning :)

  2. Sounds like it was a whirlwind trip. The photography is amazing. The beach looks so peaceful, like you could be in quiet solitude. Putting your feet into the sea is always a wonderful feeling.

    The Runaway Journal

  3. Beautiful photos! I especially love how dreamy the pastel colors are of the beach. And that looks like an amazingggg place to travel for work ; )

  4. this looks so calm and the place to be... longing for a vacation right now xx

  5. ahh, this sounds perfect. and these photos are so lovely!

  6. Oh my goodness, this place looks breathtaking. What a setting for a wedding photographer!

  7. Oh wow! A really short trip but it looks incredible, Id definitely love to visit sometime!

  8. I can not wait to see this wedding! So exciting!

  9. Sam, I wish I knew exactly how to respond to your words, but often they are met with a deep, push-my-heart feeling, and a mind emptied of all else. What a beautiful, if brief, escape. And I think that photograph with the sun loungers is one of the most exquisite I've ever seen. Oh, you. Always sharing something worth cherishing <3


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