Thursday 31 December 2015

Years end.

Here we are.

The day before time celebrates its birthday. The end of a year and the beginning of another.

I can't even begin to explain how fast this year has flown. I know we all say this every year but I really, truly mean it this time. 2015 came and went in a heart beat and although I accomplished so many things and went through so many trials, it still feels like it is February and I'm shooting my first wedding of the year.

To be honest with you, I don't know how this year happened. I don't know how I got by. Nothing is black and white anymore and while a big part of me is thrilled about that, a bigger part of me is anxious beyond compare. My path isn't clear. My weeks are random. My income is sporadic. My time is jumbled. My mind is all over the place.

I've spent the last week housesitting our good friends home. I used this time to take a break from my work and from civilisation. I've been sleeping in till midday (something I haven't done all year) and walking around the house aimlessly cleaning, singing and dancing. It has been wonderful. My brain has turned to mush and I can't think straight but it is exactly what I need right now. This year has been chaotic and busy and my body has become sore. This little 'staycation' has been the perfect treatment to the busy year that was.

and now, somehow, we are at years end and it's that time where we all sit and reflect and work out what we want to change in ourselves. I obviously have the basics: stop eating so much sugar, start doing yoga, organise my time better, go to church more, etc etc....but on top of all this I feel my biggest resolution is the one thing that will help me accomplish all other resolutions.

My 2016 resolution is to be BRAVE - To have courage to take risks and leaps of faith. To not be afraid of being myself or making mistakes. To pick myself up when I fail and get right back on the horse and push forward. To not second guess myself. To fight and not flee.

Its simple and vague and but I honestly believe courage will help my creativity and will help me be a happier person in the new year. For too long I've been scared of the world, of their thoughts and opinions and judgments. It's about time I stand up for myself and push myself to be happier and greater and more me! *cue inspirational music*

So on that note, heres to a Happy New Year to all of you! May 2016 grant you the courage to push through your fears to achieve your goals.


What are your resolutions for the new year? Maybe I can adopt some as my own?

p.s. I also want to say a quick thank you for any of you who keep coming back to read this blog of mine. I really do love you all and it's wonderful knowing I have friends who understand and support me all over the world. You are seriously too good and I thank you for putting up with my constant ramblings :)


  1. Ah I know that feeling of your brain being mush and suddenly everything is such a blur and a daze and life is just... free and happy. That's a nice way to start your year. Happy new year to you too!!

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Love this photography! Have a happy and healthy 2016 xx

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  3. Your photos are gorgeous as usual <3

  4. I love the shot of the dog peeking his head over the table!

    I wish you the best for 2016 and your goal of being brave!

    nat Dignifiable

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  6. Happy new year! I'm so excited to see where 2016 takes you.

    I actually don't have a resolution yet, but I think if I had to pick on right now, it would be to continue learning. Learning to love myself, learning to take risks, learning for love, learning for work, learning from experience.


  7. Oh Sam, you have done such an amazing job this year. Like I often follow your journey and I can only hope to create and document as much beauty as you.

    I feel like this year was your breakout year, you've come so far and you should be really proud. I feel all the insecurities like the sporadic income and the creative challenges but I know you will rise to the occasion. You're right, we could all afford to be a little more brave :)

    You're really an inspiration to me, that a young woman can break into the business and be so professional and successful. I'm so excited for your 2016!

  8. Happy New Year, Samantha! I love your resolution of being brave - I had a similar one a few years ago which was to overcome fear and it has honestly changed my life. I wish you all the health and happiness for 2016 x

    Erin |

  9. That's such a good word for the year. And gorgeous photos, as usual :)

  10. Beautiful beautiful photos, and great resolution. My resolution is pretty much the same thing reworded, which is to stop caring about what other people think so much and just do my own thing.

  11. I just came across your blog this morning, and I'm so happy I did. Your photos are beautiful, but your words are even more lovely. Thank you for creating this space, it's really been inspiring me a lot. I can't wait to scroll through more photos and read more of your posts this weekend. I hope your new year is off to a great start!

    Jasmine /


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